The Health Care Reform and Medicare

A lot of talk about the health care reform has been going on. Senior citizens are also curious as to how this will make a difference in their medical care. They are starting to think that what awaits them is not promising.

There is no way of getting away from the necessary changes in the Medicare health insurance system and this is leaving many senior citizens feeling very uncomfortable about the kind of medical health care they will receive in the future.

Many worry that they will soon need to step aside for the baby boomers who will soon take their place in Medicare. It will be an interesting transition to observe because it was our parents and for some grandparents who were the first generation to reap the benefits of such a health insurance system.

The government has ordered some problems with Medicare system be eliminated. This has made many people upset. Whether these emotions are justified or not justified are still to be seen. The federal government needs to face the fraud that is plaguing the current medical care system.

If they are successful, they will enable Medicare to provide much better service. These are the three main goals of medicare for our senior citizens.

1.To create a public long-term medical care program called the Community Living Assistance Services and Support Program
2.Expand the home and community benefits for senior citizens
3. Impoverishment protection mechanisms to prevent one spouse from leaving the other spouse with nothing because of an illness or a nursing home stay

The Community Living Assistance Services and Support program aims to help the medical providers and the seniors who belong to this program to break the cost for home health care, adult day care or residential care. After paying for five years, their investment will pay off because they will receive $50 per day as health care assistance.

However, many senior citizens who have hired in home health care pr

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